Q-SYS Designer Download 5.4.106

by on Apr.29, 2017, under News

Tired of typing in your details to get the latest QSC Q-SYS Designer?

Just click this link instead!

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Season’s Greasings

by on Dec.15, 2013, under News

That’s right! It’s that time of year again. Most people are looking forward to holidays but for hospitality it’s the white heat (literally with the weather) part of the year as Christmas Parties unfold and venues get ready for New Years Eve / Day.

We’re madly installing venues and upgrading others in readiness for the crowds.

We hope you all have a safe Holiday Season and we look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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by on Feb.06, 2012, under News

Our recent Tweets regarding our “TV-B-On” project has generated quite a lot of interest.

In short we are plagued by systems with “soft-on” buttons – i.e. when you power the device up (from the wall switch) it simply enters standby mode.

To solve this we used an Arduino to export the Infra Red codes of the required equipment’s remotes and then create a unit (in this case a 16MHz / 5v Arduino Micro) to play back the codes when powered up. We’ve also got a version with a RTC (Real Time Clock) to do timed starts / stops. At this stage the Arduino is probably overkill so we’re looking to produce an ATtiny version at some point down the road.

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Dispatches from the Antipodes

by on Jun.14, 2011, under News

Winter-schminter! Things are humming along – prototyping jobs, tavern renovations, home cinema installs, web hosting and the usual tirade of random support calls. Who would have thought the end of the Financial Year is almost upon us? Bring on the 30 hour day and the 9 day week!

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Spy Photos

by on Feb.06, 2011, under News

We’ve dumped a stack of photos off our iPhones at last so we’ll start pasting them up (such as the shot above from the BKay Design Christmas Party we helped stage in December). Stay tuned.

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Notebook Upgrades

by on Jan.21, 2011, under News

This week saw yet another one of our A5 notebooks fill up with data, designs, notes and doodles. We thought we’d take a snapshot of a handful of the notebooks that we’ve filled over the years. Even with our fleet of servers, desktops, laptops, phones & spiffy software to match one can’t go past the simplicity, flexibility and transportability of the humble pen and paper…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 0b11111011011

by on Dec.19, 2010, under News

Is it really that time of year again?

It seems there’s been a huge run on installs as people have geared up for Christmas Parties and the like. LED lighting on boats, home cinemas, small bar PA installs and more. We’re open (or on call) for the whole season (who else are you going to call at short notice!) should you need our help…

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No News is Know News

by on Aug.11, 2010, under News

A quick update of the site has been done – it’s mostly the steam powered gears getting a good clean, oil and a new paint jon for the machinery etc. WordPress has been upgraded to 3.0.1 along with all the modules, the slightly-unsightly header fixed and some of the plug-in fat trimmed.

Stand by for actual content updates shortly!

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Extra, extra…

by on Jul.20, 2010, under News

Every time we think it might be about to get quiet things suddenly get chaotic around here!

Portable PA rigs and stereo systems for boats, insurance work replacing lightning damaged telephone systems, audio improvements to small bars, plenty of new hosting clients, expanded storage facilities at our head office, client website updates and even a bit of automotive repair.

What do you need done today?

We’ll be cleaning up this site shortly to put all main news here and replace the home page to avoid any double up on information.

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Boxed Up

by on Jul.14, 2010, under News


The final straight in to the end of the Financial Year was certainly a sprint!

PA installs in the North West, building portable generator powered DJ rigs for charter boats and rewiring lighting damaged telephone system – just a little of what we’ve been spending our time on. Have a look in the projects page for more detailed info.

We’ve also updated the site and added some more scrapbook items to our Facebook page. Are you following us (factotumindust@) at Twitter yet?

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